Weekend Treasures

I found a treasure this weekend, and I just had to share.

Sock monkey slippers!

I wear slippers a lot when I’m home.  I have tile floors in my kitchen and part of my main living area, where I spend most of my time.  The tile floors have turned out to be wonderfully low maintenance, and it looks nice and casual, too.  But for some reason it isn’t easy on my footsies.  Hence my affinity for slippers.

I went to Target on Saturday, mainly to stock up on household stuff I don’t like spending my money on.  I really wanted to make it fun and put something cool in my cart.  But I stayed focused on the necessities and I resisted the urge to wander into the makeup section and buy a lipstick or nail polish I really didn’t need.

Then I found these super cute slippers, and it just made my day.  So much personality, too!  They’re by Nick & Nora, and a not-too-bad $12.99 on sale.

Completely unrelated, but I also scored a beautiful backyard umbrella (thanks, Mom, you’re the best).  Overall a rockin’ treasure hunt at Target.

And a wonderful way to end my Saturday.


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