Do-It-Yourself Decorative Bulletin Boards

Husband and I watch a lot of HGTV. And I’m especially fond of House Hunters International.  One recent episode had me swooning.  An American couple, with more children than I could count, was looking for a farmhouse in the French countryside, a beautiful place to call their own.  Their requirements? A place big enough to accommodate their large brood, with Paris a brief train ride away. There were other things, too, high on their wish list. Like a bit of farmhouse charm. And a large beautiful room where they could manage their online businesses, and where the children could paint, draw, write, dream, and do whatever else they felt inspired to do.

The house they settled on was previously owned by an artist, and there was this giant, fabulous room with easels, desks and tables situated throughout. And beyond its double doors was a serene view of the countryside, and a court yard just a few cobblestone steps away.  It was the kind of space that calls out to you.  And I thought it was the dreamiest thing I had ever seen.


Buying a $850,000 eight bedroom French farmhouse is a long way off for me.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t create my own little space right here and now, a place to inspire me and get my juices flowing. A place where I am comfortable and happy. A place that has its own little touch of beauty and charm.

As a brand new blogger and aspiring book author, I am always looking for things that move me. It is all about finding what inspires you.  What I love most about my chosen path?  It really has opened my eyes.  Before I let so many things go unnoticed.  Now almost everything I see tells a story.  And I want to try everything.  Exotic recipes and colorful projects? I say bring it!  I want to surround myself with  interesting things to talk about and bring some light into my life at every opportunity.

New writing career aside, there is another reason for my newfound interest in the creative and inspirational. One year ago, Husband and I moved into our home. While remodeled and move in ready, ever since the day we arrived we have been excited about all our chosen projects and the chance to make our mark. Back splash tile, light fixtures, landscaping, window treatments, decorating with new furniture. The list goes on and on.

We have a four bedroom house.  And it’s just the two of us and the pups with no plans, immediate or otherwise, to have babies. So I have freedom when it comes to what to do with all this extra space.  One spare bedroom has become my little home gym room. The other my home office. And it is in this room where I have been inspired to make my space creative and colorful, and on a budget at that.

Everyone should have a work space to call their own.  And that work space should inspire you to think and do amazing things.  Husband has our three car garage. I want no part of that man cave, so the home office is all mine to do what I want with. With blog and book ideas swarming in my head, I wanted to feel more organized.  I also like to look at and collect beautiful things, be it a photograph or memento I can tack to the wall, that I can call on and draw inspiration from when the need arises.

I got the idea to use bulletin boards. But not just ordinary, plain bulletin boards. Pretty bulletin boards that would suit my personality.  Something cool and worthy of a soon-to-be (hopefully) published author and successful blogger.

I would be hard pressed to find what I was looking for out there in a store somewhere. And I also knew, by turning this into a crafty, homemade project, I could realistically do it inexpensively if I chose, and spin it into something really cool.

My Big And Bad Insulation Board

I sent Husband to Lowe’s to find some sort of cork board or bulletin board material. As excited as I am to have a house and the opportunity to complete home projects, I hate Lowe’s. Nothing against Lowe’s. But big warehouse stores like that, dusty hardware type places, do one of two things: give me a migraine, or have me on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I can’t explain it. It is what it is.  Instead I prefer the girlie task: picking out different fabrics to cover the board material.

My Fabric

Husband returned with two big and bad 4′ by 8′ insulation boards, costing a mere $11 each. He couldn’t track down any Hemasote or cork board material.  Kind of odd, but the insulation board would prove to work perfectly. In the end this would give me four good sized boards to beautify my office wall, and I still have tons of board left over to continue the project. The board is super lightweight, and my push pins go in nicely and securely. The board cut easily as well, a hand saw will do nicely if you don’t have more sophisticated tools available.

Once my fabric was positioned correctly with patterns lined up the way I wanted them, I pulled the fabric tight and attached it to the insulation board using a hot glue gun. I came home with three different fabrics, one on sale for $7 per yard, the other two Asian motifs costing $11 per yard.  Obviously there are fabrics that cost much less and others a lot more. I went to the fabric store mindful of my budget and discovered many beautiful things to choose from at a reasonable price.


I Seciured The Fabric With Tape Before Using My Hot Glue Gun.

I secured the boards to the wall using three strips of Velcro. One box of Velcro gives you 15 feet, plenty for my project. And the Velcro is pretty heavy duty and made with strong adhesive glue. It was important to have one small strip of Velcro going down the middle of each board, so they would not buckle against the wall. The Velcro cost about $22. By far the most expensive element of my project was the fabric.

I call my new bulletin boards my “inspiration” boards. And I think everyone should have at least one in a nice spot, to post their favorite things and whatever else makes them smile. I think I will put one in my kitchen, too. It will be an ideal backdrop for our household calendar, notes, and shopping lists.


My Beautiful Five Foot Long Bulletin Board

Now I love being in my home office. Looking at my beautiful walls, with fabric and photos and notes, I feel more organized. And I was able to add a creative and colorful touch to my work space and not spend a lot of money doing it. Super easy and affordable!

My Bright And Wild Floral Pattern Bulletin Board

This is a project for everyone, every taste and personality. It can be masculine or feminine, classic or whimsical. It only comes down to whatever fabric you choose, and the possibilities are endless. And Husband and I had some quality time together working on it. Good things about it all around.

What’s next on our house project agenda? Time to nurture our backyard veggie garden and work on the tile back splash in the kitchen.

I’ll be keeping you posted!

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