In Your Eyes

When I saw this picture it literally took my breath away.  It also made an otherwise not-so-hot-day a happy one.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  It’s the kind of smile you often see on a dreamy-eyed and hopeless romantic like me.


I have been considerably blessed in my life.  I have a beautiful, supportive and loving family.  I have seen amazing things.  Dreams are coming true.  And I have had that moment.   When that one person looks at you, you look at them, and you share a love and understanding that is yours and yours alone.

It is the stuff of magic.  To that person you are the world.  And in turn they are the world to you.

I want my partner, my love to know exactly what he means to me.  I don’t want another day to go by without him knowing the depths of my love for him.

Whatever decides to come my way, I will always believe in love and all the possibility it holds.

I hope you feel the same.


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