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ShoesSome who know me would tell you I am a shopaholic girlie girl.  The girlie girl part would be true.  The shopaholic part not so much.  Oh, there was a time when I could hold my own with the best of them.  It is years later and the reputation has apparently stuck.  But when I grew up a bit my priorities shifted, and then medical bills started piling up.  It has been a really long time since my income has allowed for the frivolous spending of my past.

I have struggled with looking cute and chic on a shoestring budget.  At first I thought it would be fun, like some whimsical treasure hunt, and I would discover some hidden talent I never knew I had.  It hasn’t worked out too well.  I went to thrift stores and didn’t find anything I loved, or even remotely liked.  That sort of thing takes time and patience, and I inconveniently lack both of them.  I have tried Ebay, with so-so luck.  And then I have tried avoiding stores altogether and being happy with what is already in my closet.  That tactic does nothing but depress me.

They Had Me At "Hello"

They Had Me At "Hello"

Shoes have always been my thing.  In my mind, they are the great equalizer of the wardrobe world.  It doesn’t matter what the scale says on any given day, if I haven’t worked out in a month or if my hormones are making me feel chubby.  She can be overweight or perfectly svelte.  The right pair will make any girl feel beautiful.  And when she feels beautiful, she will be beautiful.

Not long ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing flats.  If my heels weren’t at least four inches high, then I just wasn’t sexy.  Well, let’s just say I have come around.  I had this epiphany when I spied a beautiful pair of Juicy Couture flats online.  A lush coal velvet with crystals adorning the toe.  I just couldn’t take my eyes off them.  And there was an added bonus.  On sale!  I am like a bee to honey when I hear those words.

I went for it.  And I am so glad I did.   Flats are super cute.   They can even be sexy, too.  But aesthetics aside, they are comfy and so much better on my aching body.  I can’t believe I used to hang out in clubs or at work for hours, teetering on sky high heels like it was nothing.  Those were the days.  I do miss my younger and healthier body.  Every day I think about it.  But I am also happy I discovered cute, cool flats, and how they can make an equally interesting fashion statement.

Glittery Flats

It had been a really long time since I treated myself to anything special.  My mind has been on other things, I guess.   So last week I decided to give myself a pick-me-up.  I found a great pair of (you guessed it) flats.  They will go perfect with cropped denim or whatever else I pair them with.  Sparkly, pink and oh so me!  And being by Nine West, they fit into my budget.  No buyer’s remorse whatsoever.  I was afraid, given their price point, they wouldn’t be comfortable.  But they feel great.   What a find!  I can’t stop smiling.

Even if I had oodles of moola, I just can’t see myself dropping $1500 on Tom Fords or Louboutins.   I would much rather take a vacation and make some memories, or use the cash to make my house pretty.  Like I said, priorities have a way of shifting.  I will always love beautiful things and appreciate the vision and workmanship involved.  I will just have to admire from afar.

Tom Ford Shoes

The Genius Of Mr. Ford.


Just ask Dorothy.  Or Cinderella.  Or the more contemporary Carrie Bradshaw.  Shoes have a way of changing your life.  They certainly aren’t the answer to everything.  But in an often gloomy and uncertain world, a touch of magic like that has a way of making things happy.  Everything seems prettier, even for just a moment.  I will do my part.  When there is room in my budget for a little fun, I will treat myself again and again.

Making the world brighter.  One pair of shoes at a time.

Animated Shoe

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