Tomorrow Is Another Day


I am struggling with the time change this week.  I don’t know what it is about losing that darn hour, but I feel like a mess.  It didn’t help when I woke up yesterday feeling like a pesky flu bug bit me.

Isn’t it so much easier in the fall?

I’m not a morning person.  Never have been.  When I was little I always wanted to stay up late, and I fought the bedtime ritual with everything I had.  My mom used to joke “she’s afraid she’s going to miss something.”  Thirty plus years later, and it rings true today just as much as it did then.

I have tricks to overcoming my morning slow poke ways.  A little bit of exercise can help, but one piping hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning is really all it takes.  Maybe just for this week I will enjoy two.

I will remember to be patient with myself.  I will adjust.  It will happen.  Tomorrow I will be less tired and less confused.  While the mornings are now darker than before, I will be grateful for that extra hour of glorious light on the back end of my day.  More time for holding my husband’s hand on an evening walk.  More time to play with the babies in the yard.  More time to bury my hands in the earth and witness how my beautiful flowers are growing so well.

More time to just be, with gratitude for another day of life.

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