Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Flight Ticket

Many years ago I was blessed to spend twelve amazing days in The Emerald Isle.  The trip was a very generous birthday present from my parents, and one I will never forget.

I remember nearing the end of my nearly eight hour flight from Boston’s Logan airport, so ready to get on the ground.  As the Aer Lingus plane descended below the clouds, there it was.  Green.  Green everywhere.  Green as far as my eyes could see.  Any travel advertisement you may see does not exaggerate just how beautiful it is.

Cliffs of Moher

I have been very lucky in my life.  I have been to many places around the world, and I began to enjoy these experiences at a young age (thanks Mom and Dad).  While my destinations of choice tend to be warm and tropical,  Ireland is one of my favorite places on earth.

In my nearly two weeks there, I pretty much did it all.  I kissed the fabled stone.  I visited more castles than I could count, navigated the Ring Of Kerry like a pro, and looked out from the Cliffs of Moher on a terribly windy day.  I followed street signs in both English and Gaelic.  I met about four dozen guys named Patrick.  I made the acquaintance of many women, too.   I met a Saoirse and Caoimhe (I love those Gaelic names), and even a few fellow Allysons  (though I don’t think they were spelled like me).  I saw Hadrian’s Wall and the moonscape of The Burren.  I witnessed how Waterford crystal is made and how Guinness beer is brewed.  I strolled the streets of Dublin and visited the stomping grounds of literary giants like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.  I walked the halls of Trinity College.  I went from visiting churches and convents by day to spending long sleepless nights in quaint village pubs, enjoying traditional dancing and music.  There is absolutely nothing like the sound of the bodhráns , mandolins and uilleann pipes.

poulnabrone dolmen

Pet Kellie

The Holiday Would Not Be Complete Without A Card From My Kellie, And Shamrock Confetti!

So Cute

If Only I Had A Wee One, He Or She Would Be Wearing These!


I Wish I Was Wearing These On Saturday . . .

Cute Baby Shoes

And I Would Be Wearing These Too If They Came In My Size!

I feel a connection with the country (I have talked myself into another vacation just sitting here writing this).  And my own name is of Irish origin.  But I’m not even a fraction Irish, at least as far as I know.   Nor am I Catholic.  But I believe St. Patrick’s Day is for everyone to enjoy.   All our eyes can smile.  This day rolls around every year, and I feel it brings me just a bit closer to that place I love so much.  Even if I am a 13 hour plane ride and seven thousand miles away.

I will raise my glass tomorrow with hopes of returning.  After all, a girl can dream, right?

Even if she is Irish on only one day each year.

Wishing you all a very safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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Photo Source (The Cliffs Of Moher): http://www.cliffsofmoher.ie/thecliffs.aspx

Photo Source (The Dolmen): http://www.tripideas.org/tag/ireland

Green Manolo Blahnik Shoe Photo, from my own book: Blahnik by Boman

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