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In my last Beauty post, I shared my experience making a very simple rice bran and ground adzuki bean exfoliant, perfect forrice bran and ground adzuki bean exfoliant both face and body.  But I felt inspired to step it up a bit.  Why not create my own more sophisticated body scrub?  With sensuous oils and the whole nine yards?

The crème de la crème of the body scrub world is the very well known  sugar scrub made by Fresh.  Absolutely hands down the best, and worth every penny of its $65 cost.  An incredibly orgasmic blend of brown sugar, jojoba, citrus, apricot kernel and evening primrose oil.  There really isn’t anything else to say.  When times were good I didn’t hesitate to buy two 14 ounce jars a month.  Do the math.  My annual scrub expenses came to about $1600.  Good Lord.

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Scrub. The One And Only.

My finances don’t allow for such indulgences these days.  Even with better times ahead, I feel like the economy has changed me forever, in terms of what I value.  And it has made me more mindful of where my dollars go.  So while I may enjoy Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub for Valentine’s Day, a holiday, or my  birthday (are you paying attention, Husband?), I will gladly make do with creating my own divine, delicious scrubs.  Not only is it a sound financial move, I also control the ingredients that will eventually go on my skin.

On my first attempt, I decided to take my adzuki bean and rice bran mix and dress it up.  All ingredients listed below were found at my local health food store.  I was a bit random in my oil selection; I grabbed what looked good and none were artificially fragranced.

I read somewhere that sesame oil is excellent for the skin.  Well, unless you want to walk around smelling like an Asian restaurant, I don’t recommend going heavy on the sesame oil.  Its natural fragrance can be very strong.  But I did want to incorporate a bit because of its benefits.

I combined all ingredients and stirred until well mixed.  Nothing more to it than that.  This mixture should give you 3-4 generous full body treatments:

1/2 cup ground adzuki beans

1/2 cup rice bran

6 tablespoons liquid coconut oil (this comes in a jar, similar to a peanut butter consistency. I achieved 6 tablespoons liquified by melting about 3 heaping teaspoons from the jar)

4 teaspoons jojoba oil

2 teaspoons sweet almond oil

2 teaspoons grapeseed oil

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

10 drops sweet orange essential oil (detoxifying, heals the skin, brightens the mind)

6 drops lime essential oil (builds immunity, energizing)

 This creation smells heavenly, with a mild coconut fragrance.   The sweet orange essential oil added a nice sweetness.   The scrub almost smells like a delicious coconut cookie.  Of course you can tailor it to your individual taste.  There are countless essential oils on the market all with different health benefits.  Consider your individual needs when selecting.

Delicious coconut

Delicious coconut. Incorporate It Into Your Beauty Ritual. Your Skin (And Hair) Will Thank You!

My 14 ounce jar of Fair Trade organic coconut oil was about $10.  Almond and grapeseed oil (4 ounces) about $5 each, and jojoba oil $12 (4 ounces).  My essential oils were about $5 each.  Some oils, like lavender and sandalwood, are more expensive, with sandalwood being quite pricey.

While this initial investment may seem like a lot, these products combined will allow me to make tons of body scrub or any other skin treatment I put together, and can be used in my bathwater.  The body oils can also be used for massage and overall moisturizing on their own.  A small jar of sugar scrub can easily run you $20 at places like Bath & Body Works or Whole Foods.  I can see how my new commitment of making my own will save me money, and I can mix different ingredients to create different smells.  And it’s fun!

Using this mixture in the shower left my skin heavenly soft and silky.  It rinsed easily, no stickiness after I dried off.  And my husband has voiced his approval.  That doesn’t hurt.

Here is my second creation (it should give you 4 total body uses).  I wanted this one to be reminiscent of the Fresh scrub.  Of course I do not know the company’s proprietary blend, but use of the citrus essential oils helps emulate that heavenly product.  I did not have evening primrose oil on hand, but I had enough oils to work with to do pretty well:

1 cup Sugar In The Raw

4 tablespoons liquid coconut oil (about 1 very heaping teaspoon melted)

4 teaspoons  jojoba oil

4 teaspoons grapeseed oil

4 teaspoons sweet almond oil

4 teaspoons kukui nut oil

10 drops sweet orange essential oil

5 drops lime essential oil

5 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil (brightening, boosts immunity)

5 drops bergamot essential oil (balances emotions, uplifts, heals the skin)

This one came out absolutely delicious, too, with no sticky residue on my skin after I rinsed and toweled off.  I was very soft and moisturized.   Of course you can use whatever oils you choose, and pick essential oils that suit your taste and needs.  It is really important to note that the oils I used were not heavily or artificially fragranced.  This makes a big difference in how the scrub turns out.  For me it is all about a fresh, awakening smell.  If I don’t like the smell, forget it!

The possibilities are endless, you can do so many different things.   I think I will try mixing in fresh fruit next.  Papaya or strawberries sound good.  Or I will create an invigorating salt foot scrub.  Stay tuned . . .

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