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Gorgeous Fashion From The Oscar Red Carpet

Oscar StatueWe have finally come to the conclusion of the awards season, and how appropriate that it ends on its highest note, and in more ways than one.  Last night’s show was memorable; eloquent and emotional speeches, classy production, and politics kept to an appropriate minimum.  And then there was the style.

Sure, the Golden Globes and Grammys also turn out noteworthy fashion, but it’s just different.  The Globes have its own touch of  glamour and the Grammys can be counted on for its edginess.  But the Oscars just have that je ne sais quoi.  Designers and their clientele hold back their best and most beautiful designs, waiting to make that statement on the world’s most celebrated red carpet.

2012’s bevy of  haute couture was in some ways no different from the 83 previous years.  Some styles wowed.  Some not so much.  And while we may expect to see certain fashion trends it doesn’t necessarily work out that way.  We keep hearing about bright colors and bold pieces being on trend for this spring.  But what’s cool is that this event is so special,  whatever we see on that one night in Tinseltown really transcends any seasonal expectations.  I just love Oscar night for this very reason.

My husband and I, like we do every year, sat together and watched the two hour parade of high fashion leading up to the show’s big start.  I can say there was really nothing that had me speechless, good or bad.  I did not see anything I would describe as  iconic, that will be talked about for years to come.  But there were several ensembles I liked very much.   I never had to divert my eyes upon the sight of something awful,  but yes there were a few I could have done without.  My husband can always be counted on for giving these ladies the benefit of the doubt:  “maybe you just need to see it in person.”  In some instances I am sure it is the case.

I thought this year was unexpectedly subtle, and overall it worked.  No need to talk about what I didn’t like.  Let’s keep it positive.

One of my favorite looks of the night was Michelle Williams, Best Actress nominee.  She embraced the bold color spring trend in a beautiful coral Louis Vuitton.  Simple and demure.  Her understated jewelry was appropriate with her Fred Leighton choker, no earrings (it looked great that way with her pixie cut) and a bejeweled ribbon around her waist.  The peplum style worked beautifully on her slender frame.  And I loved-loved-loved the pink Bottega Veneta clutch.   Perfection.

Michelle Williams

Lovely Michelle

Another I really enjoyed was the gown selected by Tina Fey.  An exquisite midnight blue custom Carolina Herrera, and also an on trend peplum style.  While Tina is not the typical Hollywood stick thin little tiny thing we are so used to seeing, her bod is rockin’ and the peplum worked well on her.  Her bold sapphire and emerald chandelier earrings were also on trend, and her matching ring, dramatic updo and sleek Roger Vivier clutch wrapped it all up beautifully.  Bravo.

Carolina Herrera

Love The Midnight Blue, And Tina's Healthy Figure

I have to give a shout out to Rooney Mara.  She was striking in her ivory Givenchy.  While this look is not for everyone, it worked on her.  It’s edgy, structured, and minimalist.  She went without jewelry, really not necessary with her raven hair and the pop of her dramatic red lips against the ivory of her dress.  And can her skin be any more perfect?  Good gracious.  She wasn’t my husband’s favorite look of the night; he did point out more support up on top may have suited her,  or maybe the dress would have worked better on a curvier figure.  Regardless, Rooney stayed true to herself and the ivory selection was a refreshing departure from her usual black.

Rooney Mara

Very Much Her Style

Penelope Cruz hit it out of the park with her classic and feminine Armani Privé.   A beautiful lavender gray organza, and just classic old Hollywood style, with a  fitted bodice and off the shoulder straps.  If I have to pick a favorite, this may be it.  She just gets it right time and again.  I was also fond of her 2007 blush Atelier Versace.  Lovely!


Penelope Cruz





Penelope Cruz

And She Positively Nailed It Back In 2007, Too.

Emma Stone made a statement in her selection of a deep ruby Giambattista Valli.  While some critics panned it immediately for its similarities to Nicole Kidman’s 2007 Balenciaga, I felt the comparisons were unfair.  The dresses were different enough in silhouette and Nicole’s gown was more orange red.  And with a five year time span between them, any criticism of Emma in either regard isn’t fitting.  I thought she channeled old Hollywood glamour beautifully, when most last night fell short of that.  She took a chance, and the color was beautiful.  While the large bow on the right shoulder isn’t necessarily for me, Emma clearly loved it.  Nothing else matters.

Emma Stone

Emma Looked Lovely. Great Color.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole In 2007.

I loved Octavia Spencer, stunning in her super pale gold Tadashi Shoji.  Gorgeous.  The draping and beadwork on the gown flattered her beautiful curves.  And those Neil Lane earrings!  50 carats of heaven!  What a night she had.  Not only did she look great, but she took home Best Supporting Actress, too.   In a night of great acceptance speeches, arguably hers came out on top.   She handled herself beautifully,  and looked fantastic doing it.

Octavia Spencer


While my tastes aren’t in line with everyone else’s, I think it’s important to remember these women base their selections on who they are and what they feel.  Some statements find themselves on top the best dressed list.  Others fall pathetically flat.  But ultimately taking risks and being yourself is a great thing.  Any woman who presents herself on that stage has made her selection with confidence.  If she loves it and feels absolutely beautiful wearing it, that is what matters most.

Rock on, ladies.  I can’t wait to see what you pick next year.


This is just too wonderful not to share.  I got it from my personal news feed on Facebook.

It’s not new.  You may have seen it already since it began making the rounds online about nine months ago.  An active duty soldier Skyped with his pit bull after being apart for five months.   His mom snapped this priceless photo after their precious time together online.

 I’m sure this sweet dog’s grandma just loved witnessing this.  I thank her for capturing the moment, and her son for sharing it with the world.


pit bull


 The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.  ~ Mark Twain


The bond between us and our dear animals is without question.  Whether your baby is soft and furry, or feathered or scaly, it is all the same.  There is absolutely nothing like it.



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